Through Pain the Champ Emerges

The ChamPagne Social is an urban blog and podcast that celebrates the different lifestyles of career driven professionals, entrepreneurs and artists throughout the Chicagoland area. It is a space to showcase and network our businesses, brands and highlight our careers.

In 2016, more residents left Illinois than any other State. People left for multiple reasons including weather, higher taxes, state budget and crime. Due to heavy crime activity and a continual growing death toll, Chicago has been known as Chi-Raq. There is truth to those facts, but there are also thriving businesses, gorgeous seasons with a beautiful skyline, great food, shopping, and a diverse culture that I like to call Chicago’s Hidden Champs.

Let’s not forget there are plenty of greats that have evolved from the Chicagoland area. Former, First Lady Michelle Obama, we miss her; Common, hey boo hey call me; Kanye West (though lately we have been deciding to trade him); Sir the Baptist; Chance the Rapper (who lead a voting parade in Chicago, IL); 6x World Champion Chicago Bulls; 2005 World Champion Chicago White Sox; 3 Stanley Cup Chicago Blackhawks; 2016 World Champion Chicago Cubs; Jesse Jackson, Sr.; US Senator Everett McKinley, who was the lead supporter of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the voting Rights Act of 1965 i.e. the Dirksen Building; Fred Hampton, who was chairman of the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panthers Party.

Inspired by President Obama’s quote during his farewell address “I’m asking you to believe; NOT in my ability to bring about change – but in yours.” This resonated to the core of who I am. Despite the unrest and conversations being had about the City of Chicago, State of Illinois, I knew I had to shed some light on our communities. I’ve heard that if you don’t like the narrative, change the conversation. So, I, Keisha, am choosing to change the conversations with this blog and podcast.

I wanted a space to spread love, promote and grow our businesses, discuss change, encourage each other and celebrate who we are! We all aren’t murderers, thugs and gangstas, etc. I wanted a positive space that showcases us thriving in our careers and within our communities. I will be speaking to different business owners and professionals in and around the Chicagoland area. The response to my question of where are all the urban professionals and business owners was overwhelming and others wanted to know, also. So I’m on a mission to seek them out and share my experience with them at their establishments. There will be no question or excuse why where anyone can eat, shop and support. Why did I just hear in my head, “I see black and brown people?”.

This space was intentionally designed to support, share resources, connect and identify with one another. The ChamPagne Social is a place that celebrates and monitors our growth.

If you treat people as they should be, 90% will rise to the occasion. The other 10% you just have to meet them where they’re at and unfortunately that may be the gutter. “People will always forget what you did, they will forget what you said, but will never forget how you made them feel”, Dr. Maya Angelou. Let’s spread love throughout Chicago.

I specifically chose the name “The ChamPagne Social” because whenever I think of champagne I think about fun, music, laughter, celebrations, and good food. More importantly you cannot spell champagne without Champ and you can’t pronounce it without the pain. Love and pain are the two experiences that every person shares.

The definition of a Champ is the person who comes in first! Be the champ of your life put yourself, your dreams, and your goals in first place. Channel your inner champ. The podcast Chicago Hidden Champs will showcase different business owners and it will be unedited to showcase our mistakes, bloopers and how we recover.

Now that you know what The ChamPagne Social is … come enjoy and embark on this journey with me and others as we navigate the joys and pitfalls of our careers while balancing love, loss, relationships, social issues and finances.  Join us as we have the audacity to be our authentic selves while embracing this beautiful mess that we call life.

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2 thoughts on “Through Pain the Champ Emerges

  1. Aye…I’m so excited for you. I can wait to see and hear everything going on despite all the violence in our communities. Cause like you said a lot of them are hidden. I wish you the best on your blog and podcast. Much much Love!!

  2. Your message in itself gives me great vibes. Can’t wait to see what all you have in store for us.

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