Mayor Covington – No More Poli-TRICKS

My guest today is Mayor Vivian Covington of University Park, Illinois. Before her title as Mayor she was a Village and Library Trustee for more than ten (10) years. “I believe that public service to your community is the highest commitment and the best way to give back”. Mayor Covington is not only the first woman Mayor of University Park, but the only African American Mayor in Will County.

As a graduate of Eastern Illinois University, her contribution as trustee saved the Village over $300,000.00 by creating an IT Department. For more than 30 years, Mayor Covington has provided an invaluable experience and service for the Federal Government and as an Information Technology expert.

Reflecting on her accomplishments as Mayor, here are a few gems:

  • Governors State University Dorms opened fall 2014
  • Obtained village zip code 2009
  • Implemented Pace Bus Program 2016
  • Implementing C-Map Program for 2017 Summer Youth
  • Implemented technology into the Village

Did you know that the companies Bath and Body Works, Clorox and Smuckers all have warehouses and/or storage companies in University Park? Governors Gateway Industrial Park has over 60 manufacturing and service businesses. Did you know that University Park has the same footprint as Evanston, Illinois?

This interview taught me the true meaning of channeling your inner champ. From losing her beloved daughter to cancer, then losing her mom approximately six (6) months later, running for Mayor and being sued in court, around the same time, explains why she is a champ. Despite the hell being raised in her life on earth, she believed that something greater was in store for her. “I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand on the earth.” Job 19:25. Mayor Covington is celebrated throughout the community for her many accomplishments, but mostly because she’s accessible and interacts with residents. Besides her Mayoral duties you may see her at a residents trunk party, baby shower or even a funeral.

Despite the many adversities and challenges she faces being Mayor, she refuses to give up on the community. Mayor Covington believes that University Park, Illinois is a diamond in the rough. “The residents are major stakeholders and should have a right to choose.” You matter! Voting is part of your footprint; make sure you leave your mark on April 4, 2017!

With the upcoming elections quickly approaching I wanted to know if our Mayor was accessible and meeting the needs of the Village and not of just her own. Let me tell you I got more than I bargained for. I feel your Mayor and Trustees should be available when it comes the community needs. Press play and enjoy as she explains about “Poli-Tricks.”

Keys to success:

  • God
  • Family
  • Be genuine and conscientious
  • Do and feel good about what you do!

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