Back to the 80’s Concert

Step aside 2017, Back to the 80’s Concert is coming through! The 80’s which was the era of rap and MTV left me in love with hip hop. My obsession began in the late 80’s. The first hip hop song I fell in love with was “The Show” with Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick – I remember singing and dancing so hard and my mom saying, “your ass better learn those books just like you learning that dam song”.  I was praying that I would hear my jam that night.

When I tell you we were too hype for this concert, it’s an understatement.  A few days before the concert I began reminiscing on things that were going on in the 80’s and what I missed. I remember making a pallet on the floor with sheets and waking up early Saturday morning to eat cereal and watch cartoons with my brothers.  We watched “He-Man” and the masters of the universe, GI Joe – the real American hero and my favorite, Jem – is truly outrageous, truly, truly outrageous. Is anyone else singing their theme songs, now? After our shows, we could hear our Mom shifting in her house shoes, put on some music – usually the dusties, and we would have to get up to clean the house.

The security line was kind of long to get in but the line at the bar was even longer. My girls and I walked in happy because we drank ahead of time while singing to each of our favorite trap songs.  We entered the venue near the end of Cherelle’s set and let me just tell you when she exited the stage I can tell by the lack of applause that we didn’t miss out on much. Word to the wise: no drinking during Cherelle’s set it may dim your mood, if even for a moment.

We were at the Arie Crown Theatre and our seats were located in the middle section of the venue so we were in for a treat. I haven’t seen so many high side ponytails, adidas track suits, and stone washed outfits since the 80’s. I even saw a dude with a red stone washed outfit. We got comfy and even had extra room to spread out, thanks to the others not attending. The intermissions were dope, kinda like mini-concerts, because the DJ played all of the late 80 and early 90 songs and the MC kept everyone laughing, so after Cherelle left the stage we were all in. The couple in front of us was very strange, well at least the woman, she acted as if she had the bubble guts. The atmosphere was filled with alcohol, excitement, anticipation, marijuana, memories of many a fashion faux-paux, which is a combination of bad decisions but so worth it.

The Force Md’s were up next and got the crowd semi- excited because they sang Tender Love and Love is a House, we  joined in, all off key and very loud. Their missing member was great, he seemed as though he fit right in and he didn’t skip a beat. Hi-Five was mediocre at best, but reminiscing over the Kissing Game and Hard to Get was worth it. By the way, they tried singing New Editions’ Can you Stand the Rain – it was horrible – they sang like their throats were dry. They were clearly out of shape as one of the members noted that he didn’t realize how big the stage was because he was out of breath. We could tell, fellas, we could tell.

They announced Al B. Sure, the crowd stood, cheered and his back up singer came out (whom saved his set), then another woman who looked as if she was taking pictures of him but he still wasn’t on the stage. After the crowd dies down, it seemed like five (5) minutes had passed, then he graces us with his presence. The crowd was unimpressed and lackluster upon his presence at this point and he says, “yall can do better than that, I lost 15lbs. for this concert”. We laughed and were back in love with him when he began to sing Off On Your Own (Girl) until he actually sang. Again thank goodness for his back -up singer.  He ruined the Secret Garden by trying to sing all the other verses. Uumm, no sir, don’t do us any favors, you don’t have the vocals and during their verses you could have used that time to take a break and catch your breath. In my Charles Barkley voice “it was terrrr ble”.

This is where the fun begins! Next up Whodini begins to save the night with there Friends, Freaks Come out at Night and One Love as everyone was on their feet their entire set. When Big Daddy Kane came on the stage, let me just tell you – he owned it! The show finally began. He performed Set if Off, the crowd was captivated and went ballistic I almost broke my neck doing that slide, or trying to. From his stage presence,  dance moves the back up dancers, who did not skip a beat this “Smooth Operator” definitely Got the Job Done!

This break dancer steals the scene and out comes Doug E. Fresh, the human beat box entertainer did exactly that because we were thoroughly entertained.  He was performing “The Show” when I tell you that the crowd was transformed  I knew I was a rapper that night, Anitra was ready to breakdance and Monique was rapping and dancing her butt off. Slick Rick enters on que and I was gone, if I had on a wig I would have snatched it off, myself. At one point Slick Rick chuckled because the crowd knew all of the lyrics to Children’s Story and he didn’t need to perform. It was time for the show to be over and these two (2) did not disappoint.

Though the concert started off as a dud, with the other ho-hum harmonies the ending with Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick left us all wanting more. I’ve noticed that everything gets recycled, so I’m hoping just like fashion, so will good music!

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