This week’s guest is Marguerite of Sacred Therapy Spa located at 1818 Ridge Road in Homewood, Illinois.

Marguerite is a natural health herbalist-a, whose passion and knowledge creates the best environment for a healthy massage. Enable me to discipline my body and bring it into subjection (1 Corinthians 9:27) Marguerite is specially trained to use natural substances like food, herbs and plants to promote healing, treat and prevent illness simply to improve overall health.

Marguerite is also specialized in massage therapy. I have been to Sacred Spa Therapy on quite a few occasions. The setting is private, professional and relaxing. ¬†Sitting at a desk all day causes stress to the lower back and I wanted to counteract that, as well as relax. During my massages I was asked if the pressure was too intense or just right. This is a bonus because you wouldn’t want to be sore from receiving a massage. Some benefits of massage therapy include but are not limited to 1) improvement of sleep; 2) stress relief; 3) improves immunity; 4) decrease in tension headaches; 5) calms anxiety and 6) relaxes muscle pain. All of these factors combined equate to a happier, healthier lifestyle as well as better happy endings.

Marguerite encourages each of her clients to speak to their physician in conjunction with any advice she has given. Mother’s Day is quickly approaching so why not give your special person some free me time.

Press play and enjoy!

Disclaimer: You are not being drawn into the sunken place, the birds you hear in the background are from the Psychiatrist in the adjacent office.

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