Girls Trip

Have you seen the movie Girls Trip? It was filled with love, drama, fear, success and comedy! Each woman had their own set of issues but ultimately realized that they needed each other to remember who they once were. It reminded me that my most fun and hurtful times have been with some of my girls and sister.

This photo is of a couple girls that I get to call family. This is over 20 years of friendship. We’ve remained friends through miscarriages, marriages, divorce and all that in between. We have ugly cried on each other’s shoulders and we have cried together over even uglier dudes. Trust me crying over an ugly guy is the absolute worse! Tho some are missing from the photo, these women play an intricate part of my life.

We disagree, fight and cry but I do know they each have my best interest at heart! For that I’m thankful. Does your homegirl (s) possess any of the following traits?

1. Truth in Love

Is when you’re messing up on your job, in your relationship, as a parent, etc. Your homegirl lets you know,” hey girl hey, I love you but you know you’re messing up, right?” or “B—-, get yo mind right!” Depending on the level of the friendship. Keep the “Yes” at a distance.

2. No judgment

Is when you choose to stay with ole dusty Tyrone because he lays “good” pipe; or divorce, Bryant, because he’s draining you financially; choose to have an abortion because you know you would be a messed up parent but your homegirl lets you vent on her couch, drives you to the clinic and helps dry your tears without judgment.

3. Strength

Is when, she’s going through a divorce and decides to keep it to herself until the day of and goes back to work the next day and no one has a clue. Not because she’s sneaky but because she didn’t want to blame her family or friends for her extended misery. She had to, but moreso needed to, walk that line alone to rediscover herself! Tho said homegirl who initially hooked you two up realizes she owns you a whole new man for that chump.

4.Good character

Is when a homegirl lied to me, and I had no idea, but called to confess because she realized after everything that I had been through she didn’t want to be like the others who’d hurt me or cause me similar pain.

5. Fun Girl

Is when you’re walking down the street talking about everything under the sun, dance wherever you are at, and a group of people come near and she blurts out I smell “skin”. Or when you both see something foul, look at each other and without saying a word bust out laughing.

6. Support

Is when you know your man is cheating and you call your homegirl, in the middle of the night, and tell her that you’re going to sit and wait at his house and she says not by yourself – so you guys stop to get gas, snacks and wait around the corner for the other chick to arrive.

7. Loyalty

Is when her ex boyfriend calls and claims that she busted the windows out of his car, cut up all his clothes, canceled all his credit cards and the police question you but you have no idea what they are speaking of. Who behaves that way?

8. Faith

Is the homegirl that everyone needs, when she prays -Jesus hears her- because she isn’t as heathen as you are. She prays for you, keeps you encouraged, and ensures you stay the course. She understands that her prayers keep you close to the cross.

The ebb and flow differs on different days and/or situations. Just make sure that you return the love to each of your girls – we sometimes fight battles in private.  So grab your best girls and sister and enjoy this hilarious movie. Make sure you ladies check your ticket stubs. It’s great to have women who know, respect and honor you. The truth is WE all need each other and there truly is strength in numbers. Are you being the best homegirl?

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  1. I absolutely love this. Girlfriends are bonus siblings!! Thanks for being a friend/sister and always being there. Through the good and not so good times 💗

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