The Church & Hypocrisy

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Why are people so shocked by the hypocrisy at Apostolic Church of God? When I heard of this story it tugged on my heart strings at different levels. I felt for her as a woman, a black woman and a woman in love. I learned at an early age that there is no such thing as a perfect church/ human being!

My first disappointment with “church” came at an early age. I overheard members gossiping about our Baptist – Methodist Pastor, having a sexual affair with the 17 year old babysitter. At the time I didn’t know if the rumors were true, but I knew if they were-  it was wrong. At 23 years old, I asked said Pastor to marry my ex and I? During this visit I felt as tho I was being eye-raped and went in a different direction.

The second disappointment with “church” came when I learned a married, family member, and a married Apostolic Pastor were having an affair. This family member and Pastor were having an affair under the noses of their spouses. They went on dinner dates, planned parties with and for their spouses all while sleeping with each other.

The third disappointment with “church” came when the Pentecostal- Christian Pastor told his mistress, who was best friends with a family member, that my ex and I shouldn’t get married. Said Pastor never disclosed this to either of us, in any of our counseling sessions. This taught me that bedroom talk was real and that you can pay a Pastor to do whatever you like.

Though Pastors are held to a higher standard, I learned that we all fall from grace. I learned there is no perfect person. I did not remain discouraged, but I understand how others may be. These lessons were teaching me about forgiveness and the power of love, grace and mercy. The most valuable lesson was to keep my faith in God, not in man.

As a woman, especially a black woman, true love that leads to marriage is difficult to obtain. Yet, this woman found love and marriage and the church tears it down. We’re constantly being told what to do and what not to do so we can please others. Don’t act to independent because you will run love away. Be strong, but not too strong, because you will intimidate men. How we should act and how we shouldn’t. Don’t express when you’re angry because you may come across as too aggressive. Energy is contagious, this woman being in love will cause others around her to feel loved.

If our leaders are turning their backs on “sinners” then we have a problem. Then the entire “church” should be thrown out including the liars, gamblers, adulterers, cheats, thieves, etc. The LGBT community as a whole needs prayer and spiritual guidance more than anyone. Many in this community suffer in silence with depression and suicide, due to backlash, being misunderstood and the casting down of them. In our current climate violence against the Transgender Community has been on the rise. When the “church” becomes more concerned with whom one loves, instead of them spreading love – we have lost touch with the gospel.

When the church starts picking and choosing who can receive the gospel – it has clearly crossed the line. To me that judgment falls under the lines of God’s business. Sin is sin, and I didn’t know that there was a measuring scale on earth to determine which one is greater. One thing I’m almost certain of is when I meet my heavenly Father – I don’t believe he will be questioning me about another’s business or their bedroom buddy (ies).

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