5 Lessons I Learned

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Have you been paying attention to the media and lessons from the men the past few weeks? The men have been schooling us in more ways than one and I have been taking heed. Rather these stories are true or not the lessons men have taught me have been invaluable. Here are a few:

Scene 1: Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian were in a relationship and even have a child, but when someone gets angry they may release nudes of you for the world to see.  Ladies, it’s best not to send your full naked body via pictures and/or email. If you must – make the photographs sensual and seductive so they’re begging for more. If you choose to send a body picture wear lingerie or cover your body with a sheer and/or nude fabric. You’re welcome!

Lesson: Love gets lost during times of war!

Scene 2: Usher reportedly sued for infecting a woman with herpes.  People with sexually transmitted diseases do not come with a warning sign or openly tell you. Unfortunately, some people don’t know that they are Herpes carriers. It does not matter how fine, rich or famous a man is for you to protect yourself. FYI – condoms alone do NOT protect against herpes. Cold sores or herpes simplex virus -1 (HSV-1) is highly contagious and can be contracted by touching infected saliva, skin, or mucous membranes. No oral sex and/or kissing. Genital herpes is sexually transmitted, considered long lasting or a life long STD; lies dormant.

Lesson: All that glitters isn’t gold!

Scene 3: O.J. Simpson will be released as early as October 1, 2017 after being sent to jail for nine (9) years. He served time for – armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping – stealing back his own sports memorabilia. O.J Simpson is a former, 5x Pro Bowl running back for the Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers. Or was he actually punished for the two (2) murders that he got away with in 1994?

Lesson: Your past can/ will come back to haunt you!

Scene 4:  R. Kelly and the sex cult shouldn’t have shocked anyone. He crooned his way into our hearts with his sultry yet sexually explicit lyrics. For years we have heard the rumors about his sexcapades with young girls. In the past he was married to a 15 year old, there was a videotape of him urinating on a 14 year old. Now he has women ages 18 -23 in a sex cult? The one video of the woman I saw seemed to be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, but I’m no therapist.

Lesson: Sometimes to determine a person’s future behavior, just examine their past!

Scene 5:  Bobby Valentino and the transgender woman shocked the masses. Another R & B swooner who won the ladies over with his music and good looks. Bobby Valentino allegedly received sexual services that he did not pay for. He’s taken to instagram, denying the claims – it’s all a mess.

Lesson: You have to pay to play!

People can see when you have self respect so make sure to be good to you! The safest sex is NO sex, if you so choose. If you are choosing to be out in these streets, ladies, I encourage you to protect yourself! Why? Simply put your spirit, health, heart, body….  are too costly to give out discounts. What, if any, lessons did you learn this week from the men?

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