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Has anyone else noticed the rise in violence with women? From the most recent death of Kenneka Jenkins; the 23 y/o rape victim; Karen A. Turner to 17 y/o Amy Joyner- Francis. Each of these crimes were senseless and didn’t need to happen.

With the current news headlines it seems as sister-ship has fallen by the wayside. Sister-ship is a privilege that not many women get to experience. These relationships are built through trust, respect and honesty. Women and girls need each other to help cultivate one another. Women often times join sororities for the closeness and connection they share with others. Cultivating relationships with like-minded women is a blessing and not a curse. We actually teach each other about who we are and who we are not; so essentially we need one another.

What kind of friend are you? Are you a desirable friend? Check yourself for traits such as jealousy, envy and insecurities. The relationship(s) that you share with certain women will vary. Pray for your friendships and speak the truth in love; listen and give sound advice; be present in troubled times. Not everyone wants to be or is meant to be your fair-weathered friend and that is ok! Be careful and mindful to know the difference between sisterhood/ friendship and associates/ acquaintances.

Over the years the Sister-ship Code that kept me and my girls tight is as follows:

We don’t compete with each other; we compliment each other.

Always check in, get a license plate, location and description on first dates.

There will never be a man who understands you better than your closest girlfriend(s). They won’t understand your mood swings, the bloat or the tears over a commercial.

We come together – we leave together. If we come as a group of 4; we leave as a group of 4; unless it is with a close friend or family member.

Never leave your drink unattended. Leaving your drink unattended means anyone can easily drop something in it.

Photo Credit: (CHS) Create Her Stock

Take turns being the designated driver. Before leaving to go out always have a designated driver to ensure your safe return.

If your friend confides and tells you she’s buried bones – you never tell where they’re buried.

Here is the thing -there will always be a woman who is prettier, has more money, better body, etc. so be honest with yourself,  enjoy where you are and make changes to be a better version of you.

What I know as fact is this: if one of my sister-ships wins in love, finance, or just life, it is a win for us all!

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My prayers are with the family and friends that I previously mentioned.

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